High Concept: Svatalfar Blooded Artisan

Aspects: Half-Blood Svartalfar Ambassador, A Man of Wealth and Taste, More Svartalf than a true blooded Svartalf, The Maxim of Persistence.

Careful: +3

Flashy: +2

Quick: +2

Clever: +1

Sneaky: +1

Forceful: 0


  • Occult Artisan: Because I am an Occult Artisan, I get a +2 when I carefully create advantages when I'm examining arcane items and craftings
  • Riposte: Because a Svartalfar fencing master taught me to defend myself against hot-headed Svart students. If I succeed with style on a Quick defense, whilst fighting with a light melee weapon, I can choose to inflict a 2-shift hit rather than take the boost.
  • Sharp Dressed Man: Because I am always an impeccably well-dressed quintessential gentleman, I get a +2 when I flashily create advantage in a situation where fine taste could make an impression.
  • Sword Cane: Because my sword cane cuts through magic, once per game session I can use it to prematurely end an ongoing or maintained magical effect.


  • Zechariah was the Svartalf ambassador to the British Isles
  • In the wake of Case File: the Whitechapel Incident , Zechariah maintains a close relationship with Argus although this has now ended.
  • Zechariah is a consultant with The Watch
  • Due to the death of a prominent Svartalf noble in Case File: The Black Parade , the embassy has been transfered to Belgium.
  • Zechariah has had a trist with his assistant, Elisha
  • Zechariah has accepted a position as Chancellor to Oberon, Stag Lord of the Spring Court