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Victoria De Lacy, the White Knight - the last remaining Sister of Alabaster. Her order pledged to destroy warlocks and demons but it was destroyed by the same monsters. Victoria was left on the verge of death, destitute on the streets of London. She was taken in by the Royal Court and pledged her blessed guns to their service

The Sisterhood of Alabaster was not a static body - the sisters would scour the globe for victims. Victoria was one of the most active, travelling everywhere to find the warlocks and demons. There are precious few places she has not spliied blood in and as such, not everyone is welcoming to her presence.

Her personal weapons are the last remaining from the arsenal of the Sisterhood of Alabaster. Paired long-barrel pistols. Some of the finest weapons ever created ... improved by the bones of a saint inlaid in the handles! Of course, these wonders have a habit of asserting their own sense of right and wrong but hey, that comes with the territory.

When Victoria emerged from hiding after the destruction of the Sisterhood, she was found wandering the streets of London delirious. The Royal Court took her in, healed her - in body and in mind. In return she pledged her services to the Knights of the Realm and has acted since as an enforcer when the services of some of the more honorable Knights would make things difficult.