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Welcome to the world of The Watch, my Fate Accelerated campaign set in modern day London and vaguely related to the Dresden Files universe.

What is the Watch?Edit

BONG! Summer Court Ambassador seen snogging Prince Harry BONG! Government denies rumours it will return the Hex Stone of Parnath to the Goblin King BONG! Another body found petrified in Soho: Police continue their investigations

Oh the yanks think they have a handle on this magic malarky, but we had magic before they'd even thrown their teds and climbed into the Mayflower. Of course, in the United Kingdom we treat things with a little more dignity and respect than the fireball-lobbing, demon-summoning, undead dinosaur-riding colonials. We deploy tact and decorum and when needed - and it is rarely needed - a small group of Scotland Yard's finest to keep things in order. My name is Chief Inspector William Davenport and I'd like to introduce you to the men and women of The Watch. You'll not see them ... but they're watching over you.

The rag-tag group of characters will be attached to 'The Watch'; Scotland Yard's branch that handles matters supernatural. Some are just normal humans with extensive knowledge and experience of things 'beyond the veil', some will be minor practitioners of the arcane arts, some might not even be human ... or alive!

Latest activityEdit

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