'The Watch' is the nickname for the Metropolitan Police's Occult Liaison Division. This most special branch is based in the Tower of London and handles all matters involving the supernatural community. Some of the members of the Watch are normal humans with extensive knowledge and experience of things 'beyond the veil' whilst others are minor practicioners of the arts and some are not even human!

The commanding officer of the Watch is Chief Inspector William Davenport but the operational commander of the force is Detective Inspector John Mayne .

Due to the nature of its work, the Watch maintains polite relations with the Knights of the Realm and the Royal Court

In the wake of the Case File: The Whitechapel Incident, the Watch secured new funding for its services and its rather shabby offices were upgraded. In the wake of Case File: The Winter Orb , the base was once again refurbished after a boggart incursion. After the devastating magical feedback during the Case File: Fall of House Pendragon , the base was devastated and the Watch was reduced to using its old office again.

Notable Characters


Nazreen Faruk

Silje Andersen

Lyria Pendragon

Warden Mercato

Detective Inspector John Mayne CB

Chief Inspector William Davenport