Faction:  Major Power, Aware
Agenda: Gain Power Over London
Location:  The Roof Gardens, Kensington
Face:  Jessica Gold , The Summer Herald
Played by: Ellie Goulding
Aspect: Life and Soul of the Party

The presence of the Autumn Court in London requires the other fae courts to operate in a slightly different manner. Both Queen Mab and Titania maintain their rivalry in the city but they are less likely to intervene with their forces or operatives. Rather, each maintains a 'herald' in the city to represent their interests.

The Summer Court is represented by Jessica Gold , the human form of a playful sprite. Gold is a free spirit and maintains her influence through parties and soirees where the most powerful mortals and immortals attend and party. Her chosen demense is the roof gardens in Kensington, an oasis that she maintains in full bloom, warm and dry throughout the entire year. 

The Summer Court holds the Sword of Nuada, one of the Four Treasures that preserve the magic in London and maintain the House of Pendragon on the throne. It was held in the Summer Herald's palace in the NeverNever until it was stolen by Alan Prowse .