Black Angel Assassin Female

The Seven Sisters are a cabal of supernatural assassins who inhabit the NeverNever. They share a symbiotic relationship with each other, as well as an identical physical appearance.

They were hired by The Serpent to cause chaos as part of Case File: The Whitechapel Incident

High Concept: Supernatural Assassin Sisterhood of the Tempest

Aspects: Seven Bodies, One Mind; Death is our Lover, Identical In Every Way







Stress: OOOO                                  

Refresh:  OO


  • Because I have a cloak of shadows, I gain +2 when I quickly attack to hide
  • Because I live between dimensions, once per scene I can strike from the NeverNever – a strike that cannot be defended and that you cannot follow up with an attack
  • Because I am a chameleon unimind, I can assume the form of anyone I have killed and we all gain their memories.

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