Location:              Marjorie’s Pie and Mash Shop
Face:                   John Mayne
NPC:                    Marjory , an old woman who has lived in the East End … forever
Info:                     Recognised by the supernatural powers as a Neutral Ground in London. 

The Pie and Mash shop has always been there. Whenever a traveller is in need of something hot and filling to eat and a nice warm mug of tea, the Pie and Mash shop has been open and ready to serve. None of your new fangled food here. You get pie and mash and tea and somehow, you always have the right change. Even if you're penniless. 

The unusual nature of the shop is mirrored by that of Marjory , the owner. Everyone knows Marjory and every knows that their grandparents knew Marjory. No-one ever remembers when she arrived, no-one can remember her taking a holiday. Ever. And in return for her ever-present largesse the local community make sure that nothing ever happens to her or her shop. 

The Pie and Mash Shop is considered one of London's neutral grounds; a place where no disputes, magical or otherwise, can erupt between signatories of the Unseelie Accords. 

The shop is also a favourite rest stop for John Mayne when he is investigating a crime and it is not unusual to see members of the Watch gathering here for a debriefing and, of course, pie, mash and tea...