The Junk Knight is brave knight of the Autumn Court. His armour is bolted together from whatever scrap he could find. He protects the young 'uns and the old 'uns and the stupid 'uns from anyone that would hurt them. In a hive of scum and villany like the Autumn Court ... he's a litle star!

He comes from a long line of Knights of Autumn. His Pa was a knight, as was his Ma etc etc. He was always going to be a knight so its a pretty good thing he's bigger than your average Boggart. There's quite a bit of pressure on him to do the right thing, stand up for the knightly code and of course, continue the family tradition

However he is an absolute spanner when it comes to falling in love. When his head is turned - and it doesn't have to be a person, it can be an animal, a painting or a roadsign - he is totally blown away. His current crush is Silje Andersen, a member of both the Knights of the Realm and The Watch

The one part of being a Boggart that he is really good at is the junk collecting part. Where some people can find the valuable stuff, and others can find the magical stuff - him? He finds the useful stuff. He's like a fae McGyver!

  • The Junk Knight now considers himself betrothed to Silje
  • It has been revealed that he watches her .... a lot.
  • The Junk Knight lead an armed incursion into the Palace of Versailles to rescue Silje and has not been seen since.