Faction: Major Power, Aware
Agenda: Rule Albion and protect the Green and Pleasant
Location: The Undercroft, Buckingham Palace
Face: Queen Elizabeth II
Played by: Helen Mirren

Aspect: Now is the time of Britain’s Greatest Need

The House of Pendragon exists to maintain stability within the Land, with that stability depending upon the integrity of the members of the Royal Family. That integrity is left in the hands of the Royal Court (the advisors and dignitaries who run the House of Pendragon) and the Knights of the Realm (the bodyguards and protectors who deal with threats physical and mystical). Of course, the title of Pendragon is held by only one person, which we assume is the Queen ... but assumption is a terrible thing.

The House of Pendragon came into power in 1936 after a Council of Bran

In July 2016, they survived another Council and cannot be voted out of power until 2096.

Notable Characters

Lyria Pendragon