The Goblin King is the high lord of one of the few remaining fragments of the ancient and shattered Autumn Court . His domain lies in a a massive subterranean junk labyrinth beneath Battersea Power Station.


The Goblin King himself is an ancient spirit, the ancient bringer of change.

 He has adjudicated the transition from the dominance of the Summer Court to the Winter Court since memory had memory and whilst the forces of Autumn have all but disappeared, the Goblin King retains his power.

Just as the Winter and Summer Queens surround themselves with a court, so does the Goblin King. His Chancellor is Robin Goodfellow , a wise knave of a sprite, beloved by all in his guise as Puck. His band of roving and pillaging boggarts is lead by the rangy figure of the High Lord Pilferer Smudge, newly reallocated to Aldgate East Abandoned Tube Station

The King is renowned as a fair and balanced goblin - a rarity in a world of chaos and madness - but will always favour change rather than the status quo, as is his nature. 

Rumour has it, however, that his wrath is great, and the tale of his wife cheating on him only to find herself abandoned into the sewers of London, cursed as a Jabberwocky, is testament to that!