The rarest of Boggarts, a drake-mage, he is as one with the bogbeasts that inhabit the darkest depths of the fae gutters. These little nightmares are flame spewing, spikey mannered bastards ... and they are the nice ones. His job is to find them, kill them, skin them and then steal their powers

He used to have a huge family, but as his siblings were all involved in the Bog Beast Business, that group began to dwindle very quickly. Now he is the only one left and the Bog Beasts have taken them all. This may have effected his psyche a little. The twitching, for one thing, and the love-hate relationship with his psycho-lizard pet. And of course, there comes a point in every Bog Beast Wrangler's life when they get their revenge and skin one of the little ****ers. He's been praciticing for this all of his life and well, he's become quite good with a flaying knife.

He is, however, not a mage. He is a fae wearing the skin of something utterly evil that can occasionally do something that looks like magic.  This pisses him off, especially when he is faced with a real mage doing real mage stuff ... blatantly out there, in his face, rubbing it in. Bloody Mages. Hates them!

If he was a human, they would say that losing his entire family to the same pocket psychotic that snuggles up to him at night and constantly knowing that it might eat him would make him a little unhinged, possibly PTSD. For a Boggart? Par for the course.

The Dragon Mage recently took part in a daring assault on the Shard to return an artefact of the Winter Court that the Boggarts had absent-mindedly acquired. During the job, he managed to pilfer a banner belonging to House Pendragon that is now being used as a wall-hanging in his lair.