The Baron of Burglary is an arch thief - second only to the Lord High Pilferer Smudge. His capers are legendary and the riches he has laid at the feet of the Goblin King are immense. He is as near to a superstar as the Boggarts have. However, he finds it all just ... so dull. He's been there, seen it, done it and stole the evidence. Just once, couldn't he just do something different? He sees all of the things that the world has to offer - fine dining, flower arranging, a nice mocha latte. But no ... once again, he just has to steal something. How dull...


He understands the Winter Court and everything that is involved in it. He has some contacts in the city from the Court and have a pretty decent grasp of the ways that the courts interact. In the insane world of the fae, as well as a thief he is the nearest thing to a diplomat! He is also a great duellist - well-versed in the Code Duello and fighting with paired Boggart daggers - although he has earned this reputation with scars, nicks and near-misses. Still, when someone faces him and his daggers they know they are going to be on the wrong end of the pointy sticks.