Faction:  Major Power, Aware
Agenda: Protect the autumn folk from Summer and Winter
Location: The Junk Under Battersea
Face: The Goblin King
Played by:Brian Blessed
Aspect: I am the Ancient Bringer of Change

One of the few remaining fragments of the Autumn Court, the Hall of the Goblin King - a massive subterranean junk labyrinth beneath Battersea Power Station - is truly a unique environment. A neutral ground populated by redcaps, boggarts, brownies and ogres, all fae matters are placed before the judgement of the King. The Summer and Winter Courts maintain an ambassadorial presence at the Court, and within London as a whole although they rarely meet with the King himself, preferring to work with his 'chancellor', Robin Goodfellow .

Rumour also has it that the wife of the Goblin King cheated on him with a member of one of the Courts and he banished her to the sewers and abandoned rivers under London, cursed as a Jabberwocky.

The Autumn Court holds the Stone of Fal, one of the Four Treasures that preserve the magic in London and maintain the House of Pendragon on the throne. It was held in the belly of the Jabberwocky before she was killed by the Serpent .