High Concept: Knight of the Realm

Aspects: Dedicated Bodyguard, Assassin's Bane, Blood of the Lion, Special Forces Captain

Careful: +3

Forceful: +2

Sneaky: +2

Clever: +2

Quick: +1

Flashy: +0


  • Master At Arms: Because you are a trained killer, you gain +1 when you cleverly attack using an improvised weapon. There is nothing that cannot potentially be lethal in your hands.
  • Siege Perilous: Once per session you can employ the power of the Siege Perilous to teleport to wherever your charge currently is. Cool eh?
  • We Live for One, We Die for One: Once per scene, you may spend a Fate point when your charge is hit by an attack. You intervene and you take the hit instead. All damage that would have been taken is done to you. You cannot mitigate this damage in any way.
  • Wisdom of the Unicorn: Because you are a trained professional, you gain +2 when you carefully create advantage in the form of a tactical assault plan