In days of old, he went by the name of Puck, but nowadays he prefers the more formal Robin Goodfellow.

He acts as the chancellor to the Goblin King and in his absence is the de facto leader of the Autumn Court . Whereas the Goblin King is a rare presence amongst the supernatural haunts of London, Goodfellow is more than willing to share the limelight with the House of Pendragon , the Summer and Winter courts and even the Dragon Twins .


He retains his youthful playfulness and never takes matters too seriously but there are few that would cross this ancient being as his proclivity to induce madness in his victims is a serious threat, even to the immortal fae.

Rumour has it that Robin has grown exceptionally found of a human delicacy ... Haribo ... and is known to consume them whenever possible.

In his human form, he appears as just another ordinary Londoner, albeit with a constant smirk on his face