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Neeva has, to be blunt, been through a lot of shit in her life. Fae-blooded, but not wholly fae, she was just a little too strange to live in human society and a little too mortal to live with the fae. Cast out by both she used her magic to live, at first, under the radar beyond the sight of her tormentors, and then she used the same magic to blend into any scenario she needed to. This manipulation and some of the tricks she pulled brought her to the attention of the Wardens and in turn Owen Marshall . Since that day she has found a home with the Knights of the Realm as their woman on the inside.

Her grandmother was a member of the Autumn Court who fell in love with a mortal. Her mother, a half-breed fled the court and hid amongst humanity and in time she was born between worlds. Her fae heritage makes her sensitive to magic but she is usually rejected by her fae cousins as dirty and tainted

She has been, in her time, rejected by both human and fae society. She has become used to dealing with the underbelly of both. Whether it is the dregs of fae society that hide on the fringes of human imagination, or the outcasts of human society; the homeless and destitute - she understands their plight. During her time she has also been able to mix with the great and the good. There were times when she could have had anything she wanted, anyone she wanted ... and there were times when she held the world in her grasp only to lose it when everyone just left. She attracts people and repel them with equal measure

She was once nearly executed when an overenthusiastic Warden assumed that she was a Mage and that she was shattering the Laws of Magic - left, right and centre. Only the intervention of Owen Marshall, the head of the Knights of the Realm, saved her and since that day she has worked alongside them