High Concept: Princess of the House Pendragon

Aspects: Paparazzi Brat, Erupted Chaos Magician, Rebel without a Clue, The 1% of the 1%

Flashy: +3

Clever: +2

Sneaky: +2

Forceful: +1

Quick: +1

Careful: +0


  • Catch Me!: Because you have lived your life escaping the watch of the Knights of the Realm, you gain +2 to sneakily overcome when escaping physical bonds or the attention of others.
  • Dazzling Aristo: Because you are born to rule, you gain +2 to flashily overcome social obstacles and court opponents
  • Power of the Pendragon! Because you have the blood of the Pendragon in your veins, once per session you may call upon the fearsome power of your heritage to meet an objective. Once unleashed this wild power will have devastating and unintended consequences.
  • Smoke, Mirrors and Faerie: Because your magic is so totally cutting edge and totally wild and un-fucking-trained, you gain +2 to cleverly create advantage with improvised magic.