High Concept: Veteran Commander of The Watch

Aspects:Something to Prove, Black Cab Network, Gifted with the True Knowledge, More Monster Collars than Van Hellsing

Clever: +3

Forceful: +2

Sneaky: +2

Flashy: +1

Quick: +1

Careful: +0


  • Always There When You Need One: Once per scene you may seen through the eyes of one of your black cab agents or otherwise gain some useful information about current events in the city.
  • Been there, killed that! Because you are a grizzled veteran of the weird side of London, you gain +2 to forcefully defend against supernatural beasties
  • Heartbeat of the City: Becayse you are as one with the City of London, you gain +2 to cleverly create advantage when you are feeling the city around you.
  • Urban Predator: Because the street spirits treat you as one of their own, you gain +2 to overcome actions when chasing or tracking through urban landscapes


  • John Mayne is a talented urbanomancer and maintains close ties to the Knowledge
  • John Mayne is currently the field commanding officer of the Watch
  • July 2016: It was revealed that John's powers decline massively when in another city, such as Paris.