The Council of Bran refers to both the collective name of the various Powers within London, and the vote that they can take, once per 80 years, to select a ruling power for the city.

In 1936, the Council of Bran rejected the current power and installed the House of Pendragon, as a result of the Edward and Mrs Simpson issue.

The current powers that make up the Council of Bran are:

The House of Pendragon

The Dragon Twins

The White Council Warden

The Winter Court Ambassador

The Summer Court Ambassador

The Goblin King of the Autumn Court

The Stag Lord of the Spring Court

The Pride of Innishmore

The People Inbetween

The Knowledge

The Blind Beggars

The River Folk

It is unknown at the moment whether the Harlequin of Night will claim a place for his new vampire nest as a member of the Council, or whether the House of Pendragon will demand that they are exterminated.