Date: April 2016

Perp: The Serpent Sons

What happened?

  • The British Prime Minister died of causes unknown
  • The state funeral was a high security affair
  • The parallel supernatural affair, held under the mask of a fantasy film premier in Leicester Sq. was the same.
  • The Knights of the Realm were alerted to a terror risk
  • Many human and goat sacrifices powered the blood magic of the Serpent Sons
  • The Serpent Sons unleashed a massive series of explosive attacks on mundane targets such as Big Ben and St Pauls
  • They tried to attack the supernatural event but were thwarted by the Knights of the Realm
  • The Svartalf dignitary was, however, one of those that died.


  • The Knights of the Realm unsuccessfully tried to discover the instigators of the attack
  • The Svartalf embassy was removed from London.
  • A new Prime Minister was put into power