Date: July 2016

Perp: The Serpent

What happened?

  • The Serpent made an attempt to usurp London as a foothold for 'Hell on Earth'
  • It started by the events of Case File: The Black Parade
  • It's two pronged assault then involved the removal of House Pendragon by either the destruction of the Four Treasures of Britain, and/or their removal via the Council of Bran
  • This situation was deemed so serious that the necromancer Mercato was released to aid the Watch
  • The Watch intervened, recapturing the Sword of Nuada from the hands of the Dragon Twins , and acquiring the Spear of Lug from the Dragon Mage . They also acquired the Stone of Fal within the Jabberwocky, but Nazreen was compelled by the Serpent to hand it over!
  • The Watch took the fight to the Serpent and in a massive confrontation on Oxford Street, John Mayne summoned seven spirits of London; Father Thames, The Spirit of the Caesars, Mithras, King Arthur, John Dee, Elizabeth I and the Spirit of the Blitz. These spirits, combined with the power of the Watch, neutralised the Serpent Sons and removed the Serpent's power - leaving him to the capricious ignorance of the Londoners, who simply ignored him.
  • The Council of Bran was in deadlock, after the killing of Warden Nicholas Claymore , but this was broken by the re-emergence of the Spring Court and the Stag Lord Oberon.


  • The Serpent has been depowered in London
  • The Dragon Twins can no longer use the Council of Bran as a means to usurp House Pendragon.
  • The Spring Court has now reappeared in Camden Town.
  • Mercato has been appointed as the new Warden of London, despite his necromantic powers.