Boggarts have come a long way since the days when they were nameless sprites of the hearth, feared for their mischief across the north of England. Rumour has it that a gaggle of them migrated south during the affluent 80s and never left, attracting more and more of their kin to the capital. Now, they are settled and part of the fae community, serving the Goblin King as his eyes, ears and twitching, pilfering fingers out in the community.

Misunderstood by almost everyone that meets them, boggarts are not kleptomaniacs ... they are more like urban collectors. Its just that they collect everything. Regardless of ownership. The phrase 'What's mine is mine and what's yours is mine too' is said to have come from an old boggart saying.

Magically, all boggarts share one talent as a shapechanger. Each boggart can assume the form of one human being. That human will appear dishevelled and mis-shapen and may well have some boggart feature such as pointed ears, a warty nose or insane eyebrows ... but they are human. This allows the diminutive boggarts to pass in human society - well, at least the more down-at-heel parts of human society.

Well Known Boggarts

High Lord Pilferer Smudge

The Baron of Burglary

The Boggart Buccaneer

The Junk Knight

The Dragon Mage