High Concept: Faerie Surgeon and Artisan

Aspects: Long Delicate Fingers, Crafter of the Finest Filigree, Expert with a Scalpel, Omnisexual Delight.

Careful: +3                                          

Clever: +3                                           

Flashy: +3                                         

Forceful: +0  

Quick: +1   

Sneaky: +1  

Stress: OOO

Refresh: OO


  • Because  you are a master artisan, you gain +2 when you use one of your inventions to create advantage
  • Because you always get the right victim, you gain +2 when you carefully attack someone  socially when you seduce them

Argus is one of a long line of mortals who have been trained in the art of fae surgery, particularly with respect to occumancy - or eye magic. His brother is Alan Prowse , named after his ancestor who was killed in the Lower Cannon Street Incident . He was used by the Scourge of White Chapel to create unrest in the East End during Case File: The Whitechapel Incident . However, he was just a pawn in that game and fell into a relationship with Zechariah of the Watch. This continued for a year, but the Svart Aelf's eye wandered and Argus left him. Vulnerable, he was picked up by the Harlequin of Night and appears to have become a vampire..