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Alexandria 'Alex' Throckmorton has taken the position your family has held for generations - a member of the Knights of the Realm. The Throckmortons are adventurers, explorers and lovers of danger and sheis no different. Of course, not all Throckmortons have had their grandpapa insert an ancient Thulian artefact into their head and give them Sight Beyond Sight. That complicated matters somewhat!

Her family, one of the Baronet Throckmortons, are an eccentric bunch. Grandpapa Peter was (officially) a ocean explorer and unofficially worked for the Knights of the Realm in 'acquisitions' of arcane artefacts. Her family's reputation as pioneering adventurers followed her as she grew up, with some adults treating her with distant awe and others - those that knew what stuff Grandpapa dabbled in - with horrific suspicion.

The final gift from her Grandpapa was an ancient Thule artefact; the Sacred Eye of Chun. As a teenager, he placed the golden eye to her forehead, it melded with her body and her life changed forever. The Sacred Eye of Chun links her to the ancient Thulian empire. Occasionally the ghosts of the empire try to break through into the the modern day. No, that really isn't a good thing!

This 'third eye' allows her to see through anything that can 'see' - be that a person's eyes, an animal, a CCTV camera, a mobile phone etc.  As such she is the perfect spy and a nightmare for security services everywhere.